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Fantasy Miniatures

Old School D&D What if you could play the original, created by college students in the snow rules? Without paying collector prices.

Before I Kill You Mr. Bond

“Before I Kill You Mr. Bond” is a very warped game from the people at Cheapass Games. The whole premise of Cheapass Games is that you already have dice and tokens, we will provide you with rules and a board (maybe), and you supply the rest. This provides for games that are cheap to buy, easy to learn and generally fun.

“Before I Kill You Mr. Bond ” involves master spies, lairs, and super villains. To get the big points, you need to taunt the master spy. Of course taunting the spy may mean the spy wins and you do not.

“Before I Kill You Mr. Bond” is not available new under that title. That would be the game called “Our lawyers will sue you for many thousands of dollars for using the phrase Mr. Bond.” Today it is available new as James Ernest's Totally Renamed Spy Game.

Button Men

I funded (bought, they had already reached their goal) Button Men on Kickstarter from CAG. It looked fun, easy to learn, and wasn't an arm and a leg. It arrived on January 11, 2018. It was quite a bit late, but it looks nice.

Resources for Button Men

The free version includes print and cut cards. You need multi sided dice. We are going to try it out.

Free Games from CAG

What is better than Cheap?
Parouse the free section at CAG


We played an evening of Munchkin one evening. Munchkin is from Steve Jackson Games. Take every, and I mean every bad game pun, add some rules and a die and there you have it. Played well and a lot of fun.

Car Wars

Car Wars is a classic from Steve Jackson Games, original copyright © 1990. It is pretty basic. Armed cars compete in various scenarios. The original game had road sections and you could try to drive from point A to point B or stop the other guy on the road. A flat out duel was also popular. Think Mad Max and James Bond.

The game is back in release! $20 gets you the whole kit. The rule book is also available as a free download from that page.

Just in case! I have a copy attached.

The Slightly Warped World of Doc Cross

Doc Cross is a Facebook friend and long time gamer and DM. He would fit right in if it were not for the fact that he lives in LA.
Doc Cross' Games

30 Days of Wonder Repository for Doc's 30 Days of Wonder Game. January 2015

New from Doc Cross. Hexographer.

A free (and paid) map generating program. (requires Java)

Vis Imperia Victoriana

One of my cyber friends (Colin Speirs wrote a book and game. Vis Imperia Victoriana, by Britannia Games Design. Alas, BGD seems to have bitten the dust. But Colin's game lives on! as does Chivalry & Sorcery, the game system it is based on.
Vis Imperia Victriana PDF My local copy.