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 +====== D&D Links ======
 +  * [[http://​www.maxim.com/​women/​article/​playing-dungeons-and-dragons-porn-stars|Maxim Magazine - Playing D&D With Porn Stars]]
 +  * [[http://​www.esnips.com/​thumbnails.php?​album=689433|The Original D&D rules]] These would be the 1974 version, not Advanced D&D.
 +  * [[D&D Next]] The 5th edition of the official D&D rules. These are the public Beta resources, now closed to the public as well as my modifications.
 +  * The 5th edition (Next) spell list in a sortable spreadsheet. [[http://​mouseferatu.com/​index.php/​news/​august-8-2014-a-special-gift-for-my-fellow-dd-fans/​]].
 +D & D Next has become the Basic Rules (2014). They are available as a free PDF download. [[http://​www.wizards.com/​dnd/​Article.aspx?​x=dnd/​basicrules|from this page]].\\
 +For some reason, the newest rule books list the spell descriptions in alphabetical order. All of them together. This is a real pan since the Cleric spells are intermixed with the Mage spells and none of them are in level order. I fixed that. This is my {{:​spell_cards_complete.pdf|Spell cards}}. Four spells to a page, some, with longer details are two to a page. Print, cut and make a spell book.\\
 +There will also be a complete set of books at about $40 each. [[http://​www.wizards.com/​dnd/​RPG.aspx]]