Our D&D Adventure 2012-2013

JeromeLord Bentley IIWizard
TimAtumbo “Bo” Damu-damuShaman
BenDungeon MasterDM

Saving the Village

The Cave of the Kobolds

The Attack of the Black Dragon

Chasing along the Parapet

The Trading Post and the Encounter at the Gibbet Tree

The Cemetery
The party encountered zombies in the cemetery. We were looking for an object. The zombies had the nasty habit of knocking party members into open graves. The mage, ended up defeating the last of the zombies in toe to toe combat.

The Cemetery, continued…
We find fresh corpses, but not the book we are looking for. We return to the Trading Post. We are given a new task to find a splinter of the meteor. We hike to a cave. In the entrance way of the cave we encounter some ethereal beings and defeat them easily. There is a second encounter with more ethereal beings just up the path.

Party members XP: 2090

At Matt's house.

We continue up the cave with the meteor splinters. We negotiate a crossroads of intersecting paths and engage with another group of ethereal beings near a river. Boric is Heroic doing battle with some lobstermen that attack us out of the river.

The party gains ___XP. We also receive treasure and a few magic items from previous ventures.

At Matt's house.

We finish in the splinter cave. Bo and Bucky the badger do yeoman's work blinking in and out as the party drops to one, three, and five hit points.

This concludes this section of the quest. The party needs to return the splinter to the inn to trade for the tome.

At Tim's house.

The voyage home.
We begin to take the shards to the tavern. Lord Bentley is affected by carrying the shards and does not always view the party as non enemies. The attack of the night is dominated by Beholders.

At Burt's house.

There is a lengthy discussion on is the party lawful or not and whether we should give up the shards. It is decided that we will keep the shards and not trade them for the tome, but go on a second quest.

At Matt's house.

We are in the room with the wraiths and zombies. Pools with ghouls. Wraith Shadows. Bentley almost dies.

We find magically sealed brandy.

At Matt's house.

Jerome and Tim are absent.

Room 3 - A laboratory being cleared by zombies. Four zombies, four wraiths, and a dark one butler.

A five round battle almost killing Boric, Teddy, and Bo. At one point the butler was throwing spell vials at the party. Find two healing potions + 300gp.

We take the staircase to the observatory and find research notes and seven meanies and hex knights. Teddy died twice, but was healed. Find a deck of cards, possibly a deck of many things.

At Matt's house.

A very interesting night.

It is the next morning and we are in the mansion. Bo suggests we return to Winterfall. After some discussion, the party decides to investigate the Scar for part of the day. The party then decides to return to Winterfall.

On the road to Winterfall the party encounters a caravan of half-orcs and dwarves looking for furs. Zeddicus provides them with suggestions for their search.

Millen's Tavern

We return to Millen's Tavern. Extended negotiations between the party and Millen commence concerning trading the research notes for The Tome. Millen wants the crystal shard but Lord Bentley will not part with it. A small fight ensues. A Glyph appears. Lord Bentley and Zeddicus are fighting over the crystal. Other party members try to break up the fight. A teleport spell breaks up the fight. Zeddicus storms out of the tavern.

The party has almost reached Wintrheaven.

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