Doc Cross' Games

I want to run a D&D game where the PCs are monsters who meet in a dungeon and then go explore a tavern.

I actually have notes for a campaign where the PCs must restock a well looted dungeon with treasures AND monsters before an angry god destroys the world.

I want to run a Traveller game where the characters die during creation, so fuck it, they play as zombies.

I want to run a Call of Cthulhu game where, after all the PCs go insane, it becomes a Toon game.

I want to run a Paranoia game where, The Computer isn't insane & deadly, it's programmed as a gamer and spends all day whining & arguing.

I want to run a Vampire: The Masquerade game where everybody is happy, upbeat and gets along with all of the other vampires.

I want to run a Champions game where there is no fighting and instead the heroes & villains sit and talk things out over tea and biscuits.

New game idea: Dungeons & Dildos. NOW the thief class can REALLY do some “backstabbing”.

New game idea: GURPS Munchkin. Steve Jackson games begins converting all GURPS products. John Kovalic collapses, comatose, at drawing table.

New game idea: Buffy The Vampire Screwer. Outsells all other games combined.

New game idea: Cart Wars, the game of streetfood vendors dueling it out with armored food carts loaded with weapons.

New game idea: Don't Rest Your Ass, the roleplaying game of a world infested with carnivorous furniture.

New game idea: All Flesh Must Be Wheaton. Stop Evil Wil from cloning an army of himself.
New game idea: Muppets & Masterminds, the game of superpowered felt creatures.

New game idea: Tunnels For Trolls. Lure all of the internet trolls into a tunnel, then flood it.

Doc Cross has been posting random game tables in the Dociverse Blog. Go to post 830 or so to see the tables. I am thinking of building a game system on them.

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