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 +====== Downloads ======
 +The "Magic Book" as a spread sheet {{::​magic_book.xlsx|}}. Office 2010 file version. Includes all of the mana charts and the land percentage charts.\\
 +The "Magic Book" as a PDF {{::​magic_book2012.pdf|}}. The same eight pages 8½ X 11 pages.\\
 +The "​Pocket Size" {{::​magic_book2012pm.pdf|}}. The same eight pages, but reformatted to a single page. The page can then be folded into a book'​\\
 +{{:​pocketmod_inst.jpg?​direct&​200 |}}\\
 +The book is a custom [[http://​pocketmod.com/​|PocketMod]]. On the PocketMod page you can download the PocketMod Creator I used to create this book. There is also a revised version of PocketMod, [[http://​repocketmod.com/​]].