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 |283|Matchbox| |VW|Caddy Delivery|White Pizza|1/​64|Gaslands| |283|Matchbox| |VW|Caddy Delivery|White Pizza|1/​64|Gaslands|
 |285|Hot Wheels|Character Cars| |Jurrasic World|Tyrannosaurus Rex|1/​64|Gaslands| |285|Hot Wheels|Character Cars| |Jurrasic World|Tyrannosaurus Rex|1/​64|Gaslands|
 +Reading this chart. The sequence number is the car's position in my master ​ die cast car database. [[https://​airtable.com/​shrwmoszVWF1EaMKH/​tblnFeDtZBc1513Ux?​blocks=hide|Car Database]] The Model Series is the group from the model manufacturer. Most modern Hot Wheels have a series. Usually between seven and 20 cars.\\