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 +====== Heading Examples ====== 
 +This is the first heading button, the one with the blue line all the way down the icon. Since it is the first heading, it is a level one heading. 
 +====== This is Too ====== 
 +If you click on it again, you get another heading on the same level. 
 +===== This is the Next Button ===== 
 +This moves down on level. 
 +===== Another Level Two Heading ===== 
 +To create another heading on the same level, use the {{:​h1.png?​nolink&​100|}}button. This is different from MS Office where you would click on the lvl 2 button. 
 +==== The Next Level ==== 
 +The level down button moves one level down again. This time to level 3. This Wiki is set up for three levels.