How to make changes

Wiki is Hawaiian for quick. The point of wiki code is to make creating and editing pages quick and easy to do. The syntax is very simple.

At the bottom of each page there is a link to edit this page. This link will open the edit window. The edit window will show the “code” that creates the page. Chances are, it will look a lot like straight text. In the edit window there are four sentences of instruction, a tool bar and the edit window.

Hovering over each button on the tool bar will tell you what each tool does.

  • The basics of wiki syntax. The whole point of a wiki is quick editing. With the help of the tool bar, the basics are easy. Bold,Underline, and Italics should be pretty self explanatory. Links are pretty easy as well. The one trick is to rename your link, put a pipe | after the url and before the end brackets ]].
  • Editing gotcha number 1! Preview does not save. The save button is up on top of the preview, not at the bottom.
  • This wiki has fontcolor installed. If you know hex colors, you can use any color you want. This is #244331. This is #FF000.

The Formatting Syntax tells you all about it in great detail. The one thing is, if it is not in the syntax, it may not be supported.

Do not use headings to make the font larger. The headings create the table of contents on each page. The first Heading button, creates a heading on the same level you are on at that point. This is a sample page of headings

To insert an line break, you need to insert two backslashes \\. the code button allows you to see the slashes instead of creating a new line.

images Images that can be viewed on the front page.