MTG:Sexy Cards

The cards, rule additions and card image files.

I wanted a fun little card to accompany my print out of our schedule for 2010. I started looking for a magic card image to Photoshop into what I wanted. Along the way I found the Magic Set Editor. I think it was from Googling “Make your own Magic Cards. I downloaded it and gave it a shot. I made a card and then was that.

One night, someone said something about a slit licker. It was probably a play off of Sliver cards, where each Sliver provides a plus to all other Slivers. Somewhere from there, came the phrase Nubile Slitlicker and a series of cards was born. At first each type of card was made one in each color, you know, for balance.

The next cards were the ”Pack and Go Home“ Series. A card for each of us that effectively ended the game, hence, time to pack and go home. The search for bikini babes in each of the game colors led to Wicked Weasel Wicked Weasel is a bikini company from Australia. They specialize in risque, micro and transparent swim wear.

The next cards created to make some fun cards from some Facebook pictures. These include Defenseless, Thirteen and Nubile Breast Biter. There were about a dozen cards in the set and Ben suggested I make a whole set.

Ideas came from various phrases uttered during a game. These include Exactly 40 a joke about the very high life totals in one game and, Bikini Night that was made after a night of cards during bikini night at HotShotz. I discovered that there were pictures from bikini night available.

I do not think my set would pass muster for inclusion. One thing, I did not bother to ask for anyone's permission before using copyrighted artwork. Then there is those X-rated cards.

But, you can download my set. You will need to unzip it and then open it with the MSE.

The MTG:Sexy Card Set

The cards, rule additions and card image files.

The Complete Card Set, nine cards to a page

The Card Image Repository. You will need your user name and password to access the photos.