Fifteen Years of Driving

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

In 1993 I became a full time pizza driver. I have been at it ever since. I actually started working for Domino's in 1984, but I was management and didn't drive every day.

When I became full time, tips paid my rent. I needed to keep track of my money to make sure the bills got paid. For more on this see

A question came up of how many pizzas I have delivered. I had the data from 2006 onward with me so I totalled it up.  A shade over 28,000 pizzas since 2006. Lifetime is probably over 50,000.

It took a couple of days but if you are interested, here is everything.

Full Report PDF PDF File


Tips and wages rise with the check average. Wages are also driven by changes in the minimum


  • Total wages are driven by tips and gas reimbursement. In 2011 the company switched from ‘per address’ ($1.10 per address) to cents per mile ($0.32 per mile) reimbursement. For me, in an area with large houses, this doubled my reimbursement.
  • “Bonus” tips for delivering during COVID lasted about two months. PPP reimbursed “hazard pay” lasted slightly less.
  • Who lives in the White House has zero effect on gasoline prices. The proof is on the graph.


  • Certain events are marked on the monthly data. The St. Louis Blues playoff/Stanley Cup run was great for the pizza business.
  • The start of COVID is marked by a red line on the graphs. By red dates on the monthly data.
  • Presidential terms are color coded on the bottom of the Gasoline Price graph. GW Bush, Obama, trump, Biden.