Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

When we started the program, I wore size 44 pants and XXL shirts.

Today I wear size 38 36 inch pants and may be getting close to needing 36s. My XL shirts are a little big, but passable. I was a size 40 for about a month. I am now looking for consignment shop to turn my old pants into cash. I have also thrown away three belts. I am going with a black web belt from the Army Surplus store for every day. Not as fancy as leather, but easier to adjust.

Yael is overjoyed that her pants don't fit. I do like the adjustable waists on children's clothes. I had to take one pair of pants in 5 notches on each side this week.

There have been some downsides. My mother in law was upset that I did not use the Macy's coupon she gave me. $45.00 pants for a size I would only wear for a month. Most of my new pants are from either the basement or resell-it shops. I have found some great deals. Ten dollars can by name brand great condition clothing.

That I would need new clothing was something I did not really think about when I started. One of many things. One day, Molly said something about my pants not looking right. I undid my belt and the pants fell to the floor without having to unbutton them. Good thing I was in our bedroom! I went out and bought new pants the next day.

I still wasn't thinking. I went to Target and bought two pair of pants. A month later, they didn't fit either. It was then that I realized this could get expensive. I started shopping the resale shops. I am consistently finding designer, name brand, high end clothing for less than ten dollars a piece. Tommy Bahama, Banana Republic, and some fabulous pants from a company called Bill's Khakis.