Ferrari 512S

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Hot Wheels were introduced in 1968. Without doing a lot of work, I think Bobby and I had almost all of the 16 models introduced that year. Mattel had no idea what a hit Hot Wheels would be. Shell gasoline gave away Hot Wheels with tankfuls (no really free stuff with gasoline was normal) One of the models introduced in 1969 was the Ferrari 512S.

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The 512S was a wedge of a car with a single tilt forward canopy/door. It was wild looking. I have one, in electric pink.

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Bobby and I also had the Hot Wheels catalog. In the back of the catalog there was a page of Gran Toros cars. The Gran Toros cars were larger; more detailed and had opening doors and hatches. They still had "Hot Wheels" wheels and there was a special wide track available for them as well. The Ferrari 512S was offered in an electric green. I always wanted one.

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I have since learned that the Ferrari 512S Berlinetta Speciale was a show car created by Pininfarina for the 1970 Turin auto show. The original car was bright yellow and, as of 2001 still existed in France. It started life as a 312 P race car that was returned to the factory after crashing during the Monza 1000kms in 1969. The chassis was used as a test bed for various racing engines until being built up as a show car.

One day, I was playing on E-bay, when I saw a Gran Toros 512S available. I set up an account, and started trying in earnest to buy one. I found one, and at the end of April, it arrived.

Update 2015:  I now have a pair of Gran Toros 512Ss. I need to post a new picture.



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