Review: Pelikan Style P58 Silver

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

About a week ago, had a little post on their facebook page asking if anyone had a blog and would like to review a random product. The rules were pretty simple. The biggie seemed to be that the reviewer would get something, probably a returned item, and they did not get a choice. I made a submission. A few days later a package arrived. Here is the review.


jetpens logoI originally found Jetpens when I bought a brush pen at an Oriental import store. There is frequently an issue as I only speak English and the packages could be in just about anything. I risked 99 cents. All I really knew was it was from Zebra, was a brush pen and the UPC number. Google sent me to Jetpens where I learned all about my new pen. I took a quick look around and discovered that Jetpens was the perfect place for your inner pen/paper/bag geek.

The package arrives. The pen arrived in perfect shape. Not bad for a padded envelope and the US Postal Service. As this was a returned item, the ink cartridge was already loaded. There was no leakage in the pen cap and it wrote fine right out of the box. Great so far.

Pelikan is a German company founded in 1838. Their current pen range includes $1,000 plus special editions and ranges down to the Pelikano, a pen designed for use in schools. The Style Silver P58 is from their "youth and school" line.

The Style Silver P58 is the upper end of the line. It has an all silver body. As opposed to the Style that has a silver and rubber body. The nib looks the same as the nib on my Pelikano. They are clearly cousins. While most of the Youth and School line come in candy colors, the style would be fine for the office. The Style Silver has a soft rubber grip area. It is soft without being the squishy gel of a Sensa pen. The Style Silver is a wide body. I have big hands and prefer a wider pen. I am also a lefty. I had no issues using the pen. The feel is fine. It is a plastic body so it does not have the heft of my metal or stone bodied pens. Pelikan's higher end pens come with a piston fill. The Style and Style Silver are cartridge onlys. I imagine a converter would fit. The pen is long enough to be comfortable with or without the cap being posted. One cool touch is a window on the side to view the ink supply. A nice touch in an inexpensive pen. About the only downside to the look at feel is that the mold marks are very evident. One issue I have with my Pelikano is that the cap does not post well. The Style Silver opens and closes with a nice click and the cap stays put when posted.




Style Silver and Pelekino side by side


Closeup of the nibs

The writing is perfect. On a wide variety of papers I did not have any skipping or scratching issues. There is a nice touch for a steel nibbed pen. You can control the line and pressure does vary the stroke. The line stays true. The sample I received has the medium nib. It produces a nice readable line. A bonus is that you get a cartridge of Pelikan ink with it. The blue is particularly vibrant. I let my daughters try it out. The seven year old really liked the blue. Of course, one advantage to a fountain pen is the ability to change inks. But Pelikan inks do have great color.



Pelikan Style Silver writting sample 1
Tops docket gold paper
Pelikan Style Silver writting sample Hitchhiker and his towel
Mead 3x5 index card

The Style Sliver offers a great casual pen for the money.