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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

In July I was one of the lucky recipeints of a booklet giveaway from Exaclair, the importer for Rhodia, Quo Vadis and several other pen and paper companies. I enter a handful of online contests each month from brands and compaines I like and generally buy from. I have used several other Rhodia notebooks and was hoping for one of the other brands but, a beautiful notebook for an email is a bargain.

Rhodia A5 bookletRhodia uses a distinctive orange for their covers. They do offer a black cover, but I find black boring and I tend to lose black items in my black briefcase. You won't loose Rhodia orange anywhere. My booklet is an A5 size with lined paper. Rhodia offers lined, graph and dots depending on the size. The lines are a pale purple/gray on wonderful 80 gram paper. Once you try a notebook with faint lines, you will see how easy it is to read what you have written.






The Rhodia 80g paper has a wonderful smoothness to it that has a wonderful feel. When I showed the booklet to my children they both took a turn and just feeling the pages. You would think that theRhodia A5 Ink samples smooth finish would make inks smear, but it is not the case. In the month so far i have used three different brands of fountain pen ink, three types of roller balls, ballpoint, and different pencils. Nothing smeared (important since I am left handed) or bled through.

For most of July, we have been looking for a new place to live. The Rhodia Booklet became the "house hunting" journal with my notes from each vist.

To finish off the month of booklet testing, I gave it to my artist daughter and told her to have at it. I have a feeling a Rhodia scetchbook is now in my future.

Original artwork by Yael


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