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September 14, 2010

I now weight what I did in college. That would be, when I started college, not when I graduated. In January, after hearing all of the ads, and having loving family members give me fliers and clippings, I decided to try COMPASS (more), a study through the Washington University School of Medicine. The study was and is looking for children who are overweight with at least one overweight parent. We fit the bill.

Since April, I have lost more than 50 pounds. My goal is 225 pounds. The weight I wrestled at in high school in 1979-80. When did I know I was too heavy? About ten years ago, I delivered pizza to a factory. They made wire shelving units. I was on the factory floor and set the pizzas on a table. A display lit up. It settled at 325. I moved, the numbers changed. I realized I was standing on a scale to weight baskets of steel wire. The scale topped out at 2,000 pounds. I was 325.


Before and After

This is me, Fathers' Day, 2009. About 310 lbs. Why yes, that is an all you can eat Chinese restaurant in the background. Yael is about 125 lbs.

before weight


 This is us today. Yael is also almost an inch taller than she was in June 2009.


yael after

September 2011

Molly and my 30th reunion. I weighed what I weighed as a high school wrestler in 1980, 218 pounds.