Contemporary Thrillers

Fiction that could be from today's headlines. Two suspense stories that might make you sleep with the lights on.

Acoustic Shadows

Acoustic Shadows by Patrick Kendrick

A thriller that will take you on a heart-pounding, pulse-racing roller coaster ride. Perfect for fans of James Patterson, Harlan Coben and Lee Child.

In a rural citrus town in central Florida, two armed gunmen enter an elementary school and begin shooting. Only, this time, one of the teachers has a gun. But, is this another senseless assault on the innocent, or something even more sinister?

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Genetic serial killers, how would you stop an entire family pre-wired to kill?

Extended Family by Patrick Kendrick

Extended Family




For Fire Marshal Greymon Gift, gruesome burn-related murders are nothing new. But a sudden spike in his jurisdiction has Gift on high alert. When an FBI investigation links multiple arson scenes to the deceased Dr. Gettys, Gift is pulled even deeper into a case.

Gift and FBI Agent Rose Cleary partner up to stop the growing number of savagely murdered victims, but can they uncover the truth before they wind up on the list of the dead? Extended Family offers a thrilling look into the heart of darkness. Horrifying and suspenseful, the novel explores the idea that evil can be passed like a torch from one generation to the next.

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