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On December 10, 2016 John Wright contacted me concerning a project.

Over the holiday break I have some ideas I'd like to share with you if you have time. I think there is an opportunity to get low income institutions to buy into a Linux system if they were shown inexpensive technology that would bring them into the present century. Dec 10th, 11:51am Sounds good. I have a lab of Linux thin clients tied to a Windows server. There are a lot of options.

Great! When I was in Senegal and saw the state the school we were supporting was in, I thought about the Linux LTSP. It would have worked for them because they had nothing.

We agreed to meet at Gyro House in the Delmar Loop on Friday, December 30, 2016. This meeting formed the beginnings of what is currently called the Zero Dollar Lab Project. My dad said that he thought many rural areas in the States could use the same kind of help. Since he is on the MO state charter board I figured he had some places in mind.

I still believe there is some potential here. I will be looking for something to do after my doctorate is finished (2018) and thought this could be one of those things