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Computer Tools

WinDirStat Will give you a graphic look at what is stored on your hard drive and why you are out of space.

ISO Recorder by Alex Feinman. A quick download and works better than Nero or Windows.
Belarc Advisor A nice tool to scan your computer and learn all about what is loaded on it.

Key Readers

What? You want to reload Office from you old computer to your new computer but have no idea what the registery key (serial number) is? There is a tool for that. Each of these works fine. Just download to your desktop and run.

NirSoft CD Key Reader also from NirSoft - to read wireless passwords. Yo, this will display wireless codes already on your computer. Not your neighbor's wireless codes.

Image Tools

I do a good deal of computer graphics. These are a few tools that help me out.

ColorPic - With ColorPic you can hover over a color on a screen and save a swatch of it to a library. You then have the exact settings to recreate that color. It is the subtle things that make all of the difference.

Adobe Kuler Adobe Color CC A whole host of color tools from the folks at Adobe. Color swatches to search from or just browse. Type in a keyword and see what you find.
Color Choices for Jenny
I did a search on Jenny and this is what I was given.

You can also create a color pattern from an image, like this image from my phone.
Hot Rod