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DVD on my Tablet

I want to take this movie with me on my trip. But a laptop is sooo 2004. So how do I play a DVD on my tablet?

I could get a USB DVD drive and then a regular to mini USB converter and see if my tablet could spin the movie and actually play it without burning up the battery. Going to run about $130, and probably not work.

I could convert it.

Movie companies hate this tiny fact: It is perfectly legal to make copies of copyrighted software (like a movie) for archives and to use on other devices. See Sony v. Universal. They love the fact that it is highly illegal to share your movies with others. For that matter, if you make a copy, you should only play the copy or the original at the same time. Strange as this may seem, watching the same movie in the living room on DVD and in the bedroom on a tablet as a copy is illegal.

These instructions are for the legal use of transferring a movie you own to a portable device you own. They are not for making copies for your friends or family and absolutely, positively not for making copies to sell.

You will need to download a pair of programs. It is possible that there are programs that will do this in one step, I have never gotten them to work well.

Program 1: MakeMKV MKV is a video file format. After you install MakeMKV, follow the instructions to make an MKV file from the disk. It will take just about an hour to copy an hour of movie. If MakeMKV finds several files on the disk, make the MKV from the biggest one.

Program 2: Handbrake Yes,the .fr means it is from France, but they have a good English version of their website. Handbrake will convert the MKV file into various movie formats. Since I have an Android tablet, I use the MP4 and the Android tablet settings. It works great.