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 +====== Rapsberry Pi Wallpaper ====== 
 +A collection of wallpapers for the Raspberry Pi. Some are more risqué than others.\\ 
 +  * {{:home_media_center-wallpaper-1366x768.jpg?direct&400|Media Center}}  Media Center**[G]** 
 +  * {{::piwallpaper5.jpg?direct&400|Circuit Board}}  Circuit Board **[G]** 
 +  * {{::wp1864104.jpg?direct&400|Raspberry Pi 1864104. Red background}}  Raspberry Pi 1864104. Red background**[G]** 
 +  * {{:rss.png?direct&400|Based on Images from Naomi Wu}} Based on Images from Naomi Wu. No really, a computer writer. [[]] **[R]** 
 +  * {{::tam1.png?direct&400|OK, Tammy is not a computer writer}} OK, Tammy is not a computer writer