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 \\ \\
 [[Passwords]] November 2018\\ [[Passwords]] November 2018\\
 +[[Turning off Firewall Disabled Notices]]\\
 +[[Dates]] All about dates and times.  [[]] Time converter
 +Converting Excel to iCal [[]] OK, CSV to iCal. Still, an easy way to create a year's worth of events in one file.\\
 A Short Treatise on [[Ransomeware]] July 6, 2017\\ A Short Treatise on [[Ransomeware]] July 6, 2017\\
 How to [[Turn Off Cortana]]\\ How to [[Turn Off Cortana]]\\
 How to Find [[Windows Movie Maker]]\\ How to Find [[Windows Movie Maker]]\\
 +[[]] Free tools for developers.\\
 [[All About Your Facebook Archive]] [[All About Your Facebook Archive]]
 \\ \\