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Turning off Firewall Disabled Notices

I am not a fan of Windows Defender Firewall. I have a simple reason to not be a fan. I have never found it to protect from anything and at the same time it gets in the way of just about everything. To make matters worse, some Microsoft updates turn the firewall on after I have turned it off. I usually discover this when something, like network printing stops working. More of Windows Firewall.

To turn off (or on) Windows Defender Firewall go to the Control Panel. Chances are your choices are grouped by category. I find this just adds extra clicks. In the upper right hand side there is a view by drop down. I change it to either large icons or small icons. Large icons are easier to see. Small icons all fit on one screen. Your choice. The important thing is the options are now in alphabetical order. Windows Defender Firewall is near the end. Click on it.

The main window is probably all green. That means the firewall is on. In the left column there is an option to turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off. It is OK to turn both or all three to off. That was easy.

The Notices

Microsoft feels you should always have the Windows Defender Firewall on. If you chose to have it off, you will get a warning to turn it on every time you start your computer. To Turn off that warning go to Control Panel → Security and Maintenance → Change Security and Maintenance settings. Turn off the warnings for the firewall.