“Conversation at work today, with some folks interesting to start RPGs, with no experience. Any recommendations for a nice starter RPG that explains concepts as it goes along, to GM as well as players, with an included adventure? To stress, these will be new people, trying something with no experience or preconceptions, who may decide RPGs are not for them. If there is a game with programmed adventure to teach the GM as they go along, involving the players, then summat like that I have pulled “D&D 5e Starter set”, Basic Fantasty and “First Five Fantasy” as potential options out of my collection, but still looking for ideas, I don't know much about RPGs for non RPGers.” - Colin Speirs

  1. The Stranger Things D&D Starter Set. Pregenerated characters and adventure. A little pricey.
  2. new players and under-12s in the past using Dungeon World. It recreates the feel of D&D, but in a simpler fashion. The Character Playbooks allow you to be up and running very quickly (tick a few boxes and you have your character). It uses 2D6, so no weird dice to get their heads round and the mechanic is simpler: 6- means failure but something happens, 7-9 means partial success, and 10+ means success. There is an SRD available online if you/they want a look before shelling out for the book. Hallways of Time &
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