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Magic Set Editor

I used the Magic Set Editor (MSE) to create the card set “Big Al's Cards”. I began on November 11, 2009 and the set was play tested on December 8, 2011. I just now remembered! My set does have a name! it is MTG: Sexy. The bright pink lady to the left is the set symbol if it was big enough to see. The MSE automatically converts your set symbol to black, sliver and gold on the cards.

I started with version 0.3.7b. I finished with 2.0.0. One of the big changes is in version 2, rule text fills in automatically. So if you type in Defender, you get Defender (Creatures with defender can't attack.). Pretty handy.

You can upload a card set to MSE's website. There are other created sets there to download. I do not think my set would pass muster for inclusion. One thing, I did not bother to ask for anyone's permission before using copyrighted artwork. Then there is those X-rated cards.

But, you can download my set. You will need to unzip it and then open it with the MSE.

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