Car Accidents

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November 12, 2018

I was auto insurance shopping recently. I talked with a very nice agent. While talking with her, we talked about the various accidents I have had. She wanted pictures.



January 19, 1994

Crashed Colt Turbo

I was on the Forest Park Expressway, eastbound. There was wet snow. A "hazard on the roadway" to quote the judge was speeding and hit a storm drain. She crossed the centerline and slammed into me almost head on. Two more cars hit me from behind. When you hear "Four car accident with vehicular extraction" This is what that looks like. It closed the eastbound lanes for over an ahour.

interior crashed colt turbo

My knee hit the dashboard. If the steering wheel looks bent, that is because it is. In the pre-airbag days, I hit the steering wheel. The funny pattern in the door is from my arm. The car bent around me.


Crashed Colt Turbo rear

The car behind me hit me so hard the speakers in the trunk broke free of their brackets. They hit the back seat and it broke free as well. The speakers hit the back of the driver's seat.

Me in a hospital bed

My hip was dislocated, my ribs were bruised. I was in the hospital for ten days. Does that look like fun? Rolling over needed three nurses to help. It took four months before I could work part time.

The woman who hit me? The court case was delayed several times. She was finally found guilty. The one good news was her CDL was revoked and my attorney had the news faxed to her employer. She was fired on the road and someone had to go get her truck.

December 27, 2006

My 1993 Saturn SL1. We bought it new in May, 1993. It had six miles on it and I drove it off of the showroom floor.

crushed Saturn sl1

I was working for the School Distinct of University City. The IT offices are off of the cafeteria on the basement level. The cafeteria is in the basement of the theater. The roof of the theater is four stories above the basement.

About five inches of ice slid off of the roof and came down on my car and my boss's. We were in the building. It sounded like a freight train when it started falling.


crushed Saturn

The ice shattered the front and rear glass. It caved in the roof. When I drove, my head almost touched the roof. The roof caved in about four inches. Yes, those are child seats.

crushed Saturn

The crushed roof line. The roof caved in about five inches. When I was in the car, my head almost touched the roof. It would have been very bad had I been in the car. My Boss's car was not as bad off, the purple PT Crusier in the background.

The claims adjuster did not believe my story. Even after seeing the pictures. I have no idea what she thought happened to the car. They did eventually total it out.

Winter, 2015-16

My poor little white Honda CR-V. It was a great little car that was closer to the end of it's life when I bought it than I thought.

One night, leaving Domino's I discovered that the car in front of me on the MO-141 N to I-64 E ramp hit a deer. I arrived about five seconds later. WIth a retaining wall on one side, a line of orange cones and a bid drop off on the other, an Altima stopping in front of me on what was passing for a shoulder, I had little choice. Go over the top of the deer. I almost made it. I felt the thump and found a place to pull over. The car was making a terrible screeching sound. I thought I had a chunk of bone or antler stuck in a wheel. I took a look. Nothing looked stuck. There was some hair stuck underneath. Nothing in the breaks. I limped home. The next day I discovered a fine red spray along the back of the CR-V. The Honda dealer found the screech. A bracket was bent. They bent it back no charge.


April 7, 2018


I was on a delivery and parked in a driveway. I got back in the car and saw a truck waiting for me to pull out of the driveway. Then he wasn't. Maybe the video will help.

He pulled up the grass and missed his mailbox. He didn't miss my car.

crashed Prius

(OK I have no idea why this image refuses to rotate 89 degrees.


June 8, 2018

The big finish. I lost an arguement with a Range Rover.

Totalled Prius

Side curtian air bag, canopy air bag, A pillar air bag, and some serious door dammage.