Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

There are several web contests I enter regularly. They are all by companies I already buy from. For some of them, the odds of winning are pretty good.

Today's contest was from Rhodia Drive ( Rhodia makes notebooks. Rhodia notebooks tend to be about $8 a piece. Yes, Mead makes a perfectly servicable notebook that is around $2.00, a buck if you buy them after 'back to school' season.

Rhodia uses much better paper.The paper is smoother, and feels better. My fountain pens write on it better.  Their notebooks offer grid patterns (my favorite) along with dot grids (try it, you will be amazed at how much easer your notes are to read) and lines and blank pages. And the covers are a very cool orange. OK, the notebooks are International sized, but A5 is a very good size to carry around.

But this isn't really about notebooks. It is about contests. People really do win. Or they do on legitamate contests. Elaine Viets and the other authors I follow really do give away books each month. Jetpens has a weekly give away (I have won twice). In one entry at Jetpens I commented that my daughters would love the purple notebooks that were the prize. I won that week. They sent two notebooks and a personal note to the Princesses. I sent back a thank you picture.

So, enter if it is a company or product you have heard of and are interested in. If you like an author, get on their email list and look for their contests. If you win, send a thank you. A picture of you and your prize is perfect.

The best prize I have won? A Kraftig Beer gift set. Long sleeved T, hat, cozie, and beer bucket from Kraftig. A Budweiser truck driver shirt (a real one, made in USA) from Switch Creative, and passes for a VIP Tour and Tasting from Schlafly. OK, I may need to cut back on the beer.