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Movie Ratings that work.

Before I became a daddy, how many curse words a movie had did not really figure into my choice to see it or not. Parenthood changed that. Kids in Mind gives you the information without the preaching. Breasts are not evil, but how many times they show is somthing KitM will tell you.Do you want to know what is really in the movie? Are there subjects (or words) you do not wish to talk about with your children? Here you go. Easy to follow consistant reviews of movies with scores and details.

Movies are scored on Sex & Nudity, Violence & Gore and Profanity. There is no preaching, just what is on the screen. Here is an example:

From the review of the Muppets (2011)

"SEX/NUDITY 2 - A male muppet and a female muppet are caught kissing as theater lights come on; they stop immediately. A female muppet kisses a male muppet. A male muppet kisses a chicken muppet.

► A man kisses a woman on the cheek. A woman leans against a man, wrapping her arms around him. A woman in the background is seen leaning against a man as they sit on the ground. A man and woman hold hands and dance hand-in-hand. A man lifts up a woman and spins her around as they dance. ...

VIOLENCE/GORE 3 - A muppet asks a man to throw him over a fence and a woman warns that she thinks the fence is electrified: we hear a crunching sound as the man folds up the muppet's legs and throws him against the fence, sizzling is also heard and we see large sparks as the muppet is electrocuted and falls to the ground with smoke coming off his hair and his face is singed (he acts unharmed). ...

PROFANITY 1 - 1 mild anatomical term, name-calling (sausage snout, freaks, weirdoes, hippy-dippy, idiot), exclamations (oh my gosh, heck), 2 not fully enunciated religious exclamations ("oh my ga-").

SUBSTANCE USE - A hippy that looks like Willie Nelson sings the word "high" as a solo in a song, possibly implying drug use.

DISCUSSION TOPICS - Friendship, sticking together, believing in yourself, teamwork, disappointment, dreams coming true.

MESSAGE - Old friendships are very important. Teamwork can make anything possible."

Great information for parents. Follow them on Facebook, you will get the new reviews as they become published.