Moives You Should See

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I have been working for Domino's as long as some of my co-workers have been breathing. There is a generational cultural gap.  This led to somone  asking for a list of movies he should see. This was shortly after someone said "Exscuse me whlie I whip this out." and he hand no clue where it came from. Jerome and I started a little list. This is the full monty. (ok and "The Full Monty" to the list. "Waking Ned Devine" too.)

This list has been compiled from several sources. We all have our opinions. The first list includes films not on the other lists and some that are. It would be a good start. They should all be the un-edited for TV versions, as close to the theater release as possible.

The Alan/Jerome List

Not in any particular order.

1. Blazing Saddles

2. Risky Business

3. The Blues Brothers

4. Animal House

5. Top Gun

6. Casablanca

7. The Maltese Falcon

8. Star Wars (the pre digital version if possible), The New Hope if you must.

9. Citizen Kane

10. The Sting

11. Schindler's List

12. Rocky

13. Bull Durham

14. Raiders of the Ark, Indiana Jones, 2 and 3. Skip 4

15. It's a Wonderful Life (uncut and in black and white)

16. Saving Private Ryan

17. When Harry Met Sally

18. An American President

19. Bladerunner (the theater version with the bizarre ending and the commentary)

20. Bananas/Sleeper or another Woody Allen COMENDY, pre Interiors

The Esquire Magazine 75 Movies Every Man Should See

Bold Alan preferred:

In The Heat Of The Night

. Slap Shot

. Jaws

. 12 Angry Men (the Fonda version)

. Fast Times at Ridgemont High

. Chinatown

. The Godfather/Godfather II

. Ghostbusters

. Glory

. Wall Street

. The Exorcist

. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

. Johnny Dangerously

. The French Connection

. The Great Escape

. Night of the Living Dead/Dawn of the Dead (the originals)

. First Blood

. Tootsie

. The Front Page

. The Terminator

. Dirty Harry

. Raging Bull

. Citizen Kane

. The Shining

. Fatal Attraction

. Blade Runner

. Sling Blade

. Giant

. Glengarry Glenn Ross

. Serpico

. The Searchers

. Do The Right Thing


. The Warriors

. Alien

. Stalag 17

. Bridge on the River Kwai

. The Misfits

. The Maltese Falcon

. Dr. No

. Cool Hand Luke

. The Road Warrior

. Patton

. True Romance

. Run Silent, Run Deep

. All Quiet On The Western Front

. Platoon

. Caddyshack

. Blazing Saddles

. On The Waterfront

Other Lists:

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