Science Is Good For You

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Originally published: July 9, 2009

Molly and I are what could be called 'semi-crunchy'. "Crunchy" is a term used online to denote someone who is into organic and natrual products. It comes from crunch granola, not the soft chewy semi-candy bar kind of granola.

We do shop at Whole Foods for some things. We buy some thing "natural'. A few years ago we were at a friends house with the girls. They served Hostess Ho-Hos for dessert. Their children said "YEA!!!!!" Our children said, "What is that?" It was then that Molly and I realized that the girls, while not deprived of cake and other sweets, had never had a Hostess anything before.

So we believe in the teachings of Dr. Sears. We are not so crunchy as to not believe in vaccinations.

There is a strong anti-vaccine movement in the United States. It is a little bizzare. The sad thing is that it has Jenny McCarthy and Oprah.

I was never a big fan of Oprah. I find it impossible that more than a million people will buy any book that Oprah suggests. I find it impossible to believe that after being taken by James Fraye that anyone takes her seriously, but they do.

My mother has told me many times about growing up with polio. Not that she had polio, but of beaches and movie theaters being closed because of polio. Polio struck young healthy people and destroyed their lives. Today, if you want to know about polio and see an iron lung, you need to go to a museum. As a child, I had and some of you might remember, the polio vaccine as a drink in a paper cup. That was the Sabin vaccine. Yael and Merav had the Salk vaccine which is an injection. What happened to the nice little drink? Less than a 1,000 children a year had negative reactions to the Sabin vaccine. That is not 1,000 a year in St. Louis, 1,000 a year nationwide. Since there were less than 500 cases of polio a year, the vaccine had become more dangerous than the disease. Today, the United States is almost polio free. The world may be polio free in less than ten years.

So all of this is a lead in to a link, the Jenny McCarthy Body Count Take a moment and read the graphs under timeline on the site. Notice that thousands become less than 500.  

Oh, Jenny McCarthy does have a skill,
Jenny McCarthy Playboy cover