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This is the short, notes only version of the instructions on PiNet

  1. To install PiNet Jessie (Stable), enter wget –content-disposition and hit enter. This downloads the PiNet script. The main script is called pinet.
  2. PiNet Jessie - Note that PiNet Jessie is now recommended over PiNet Wheezy (version 1.1.9 and below). PiNet Wheezy support will end at the end of 2017.
  3. Once that completes, enter sudo bash pinet which will launch PiNet. A desktop icon will be created when the software installs but you can always use this command to manually launch PiNet.
  4. Enter your password as the application must be run as administrator (nothing will look like it is being entered, this is a Linux security feature so don’t worry, it is being entered).
  5. PiNet will offer to run a full install, select yes.
  6. Note PiNet Jessie right now only includes support for the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ in the Alpha and Beta branches. If you wish to use PiNet with a 3B+, please make sure you are on the Alpha or Beta branch. Select which release channel you wish to use. If using in a production environment, it is recommended you select Stable. If you wish to test out new bleeding edge features, select Development.
  7. Select Ok to continue after reading how to select additional software.

Installation will take about two hours. Resume at step 8 of the full instructions.