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Serious Computer Tools

If you are not sure of what you are doing, now it the time to return to the Home page. You can do some serious damage to your data with some of these tools. Read the pages on each one BEFORE using them.

HiRens Boot CD My favorite utility CD. More than 30 different tools for just about everything that could go wrong on a computer. It is a liveCD that boots into either Linux, DOS, or WindowsPE1). Offers several hard drive utilities, several image tools, several partition tools and password reset tools. My goto tool.

The HiRens Discussion Forum. There are 14 pages of utilities on the HiRens CD. Help is essential.

Using HiRens to Change Passwords

Using HiRens to Recover Files from a Dead Computer.

GEGeek Toolkit I am in the process of testing the GEGeek ToolKit. It looks like an expanded version of the HiRens CD.

Windows PE is the preboot environment that is on a Windows installer CD/DVD. Someone discovered that you could run other programs in this Windows environment without needing a Windows license. Looks like Windows, acts like Windows, is not Windows.